Genesis Mechanism (GeM)
CollarQuest a Metaverse Play2Earn Ecosystem

Genesis Mechanism (GeM) CollarQuest Reward

Like real-world pets, SPARC-Es can be bred to create new offspring. To avoid hyperinflation of SPARC-Es there is a maximum amount of times a SPARC-Es can be bred before it is sterile.
Breeding a SPARC-E costs Dog Tag (TAG) and some Genesis Mechanism (GeM) depending on how many times the SPARC-E has been bred. The TAG portion is variable and subject to adjustment based on a myriad of economic factors.
  • CollarQuest does not sell $GeM players directly
  • CollarQuest does not provide liquidity for $GeM
The 2.5 BIllion GeM Tokens will be available over time in CollarQuest.
See the information on GeM, additional information will be released in the future.
Minting provider CERTIK code audit for Genesis Mechanism (GeM)
GeM AuditReport.pdf