Contracts and Wallets

50% of COLLAR burned to SHIB Contract: 0x45317c391be5ba2a1226c852b41a2b3d6f3f1a6702b0206d19af80c88dfe1070

50% of COLLAR Liquidity locked to ShibSwap: 0xfaab6c07a95885813a24fc31f36cfe68981562896eab972a5ffb0331fa159898

Inspect COLLAR Code:

ERC-20 Dog Collar (COLLAR) 0x9783b81438c24848f85848f8df31845097341771

ERC-20 Dog Tag (TAG) 0x7797c85b46f548eacc07c229f6cd207d6370442f

ERC-20 Genesis Mechanism (GeM) 0xebc27d9bd8ac268934784dcdf1eaa10dfaf97a9f

TAG DAO LLC Multi-Signature Donation Gnosis Safe Wallet: 0x23Aa05DDF32F6D20AD0d3FcFBb7F5E05a4445AF8

Additional Multi-Signature wallets will be created for: Treasury, Reserves for community protection and to receive token drips from the tokenomic design contained in this document.

Matrix Wallet is for the COLLAR/TAG/CollarQuest (SPARC-Es, land, etc.) ecosystem founders who relaunched COLLAR, minted TAG, GeM, and developing CollarQuest: 0x92dEc798278B8CC25859A979568e694A0B3eAE9d The Matrix Wallet is perpetual and shall not be removed from the Community Paper tokenomics unless agreed by all parties, and by a supermajority DAO vote. The Matrix Wallet shall receive all benefits listed in the tokenomics and 5% of any future native token minted or acquired into the ecosystem CollarQuest or its successors.

See Smart Contracts and Audits for additional information.

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