CollarQuest Play To Earn

CollarQuest Play To Earn Metaverse is a stand-alone project and a fully community-organized NFT gaming experience under the direction of TAG DAO LLC (CollarQuest or DAO).

TAG DAO LLC a Wyoming USA Limited Liability Company Sub Type Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) file # 2021-001042843 is the official organization governed by the CollarQuest. You can see a list of current or past CollarQuest DAO Proposal at

CollarQuest ecosystem includes but is not limited to Dog Collar (COLLAR), Dog Tag (TAG), Genesis Mechanism (GeM), SPARC-Es, Land (Ariomont), and the CollarQuest Tokenomics to return the benefits back to the HODL of CollarQuest DAO. CollarQuest is under the direction of the CollarQuest DAO governance token for TAG DAO LLC.

CollarQuest that consists of:

• CollarQuest Play to Earn Metaverse • CollarQuest NFT Marketplace • CollarSwap • CollarQuest native tokens, Dog Collar (COLLAR), Dog Tag (TAG), Genesis Mechanism (GeM) • CollarQuest Sentient Programmable Assault & Reconnaissance Canine - Entity (SPARC-E) • CollarQuest Land (Ariomont), the SPARC-E homeland

CollarQuest's journey started with Dog Collar (COLLAR), with the fundamentals of COLLAR being, and always have been, the community itself. The community infuses purpose, utility, and direction to COLLAR. The community holds the intrinsic value, not the token. Tokens are simply an object to focus the power, talent, and tremendous ability of the community.‌

To that end, there will be no hidden roadmap, secret plans, or other opportunities for “insiders” to buy. All future developments, roadmaps, and opportunities will be planned in the open with input from all who wish to contribute.

Verify the 50% of Supply Burned to SHIB Contract.

Verify the 50% of Supply Locked as Liquidity on ShibaSwap.

Inspect the Dog Collar Code.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) refers to a financial system built on a blockchain network that operates in a decentralized manner, without the control of any single entity or institution. It uses smart contracts to automate financial transactions and is characterized by its trustless, transparent and secure environment. and applications are built on the foundation that no one person nor company controls the will of TAG DAO LLC

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