Dog Collar (COLLAR)

Dog Collar (Collar)

Figure A2 visualizes the ONGOING distributions of the governance token called TAG. TAG is still going through a tokenomics design review. The TAG fundamentals design goals are to provide a market competitive incentive for STAKING and FARMING of COLLAR and TAG to receive fees and the reward token Dog Tag (TAG). As of the writing of the COLLAR CP 1.1, you will see we intentionally blacked out the percentage rewards from the tokenomics design review. Dog Tag (TAG) has been minted and can be seen here. The 375 Million TAG Tokens will be released at the time COLLAR is deployed on the GOJ platform.

How much COLLAR is there?

There was a total of 1,000,000,000,000,000 COLLAR at the inception, of which 1/2 (500 Trillion) have been verified to be burned. COLLAR currently has 500 Trillion available, see the COLLAR Token Contract on Etherscan.

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