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TAG DAO LLC is focused on the benefits of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

A decentralized finance network allows anyone to access its tools irrespective of their citizenship, location, and so on. Centralized finance. A decentralized finance system allows wider access to financial products or services without any intermediary organizations. It promotes financial inclusion and allows the unbanked to get access to services like loans. Moreover, with DeFi, a user remains in control over their financial assets instead of a centralized institution like banks or exchange. Decentralized finance incorporates dApps and smart contracts based on blockchain technology. DeFi eliminates limitations of geographical location and time of centralized systems as the financial ecosystem can be accessed through dApps from smartphones.

From the beginning, our community has echoed the values of decentralized token swap platforms and fast forward from August 2021 to now, and we clearly see the benefits from DeFi as we are seeing record trading volumes that are comparable with big centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

For example, they provide a valuable service for traders that prefer to keep their trading on-chain instead of giving control of their private keys over to a third party. Since DEXes typically have no limitations on which tokens can be traded, they can also be used to trade brand-new tokens that centralized exchanges haven’t listed yet. In addition, DEXes are popular when it comes to liquidity farming, as many projects allow users to earn extra tokens by staking the LP (liquidity provider) tokens they receive while providing liquidity on a DEX. Smart Contract Audits

See Smart Contracts and Audits for additional information and links to audits.

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