Community Conduct

Community Conduct on CollarQuest Forums

The CollarQuest community supports a welcoming forum for all to ask questions, offer opinions and learn from each other. The following guidelines are to assist the CollarQuest community in interacting with each other.

1) No person utilizing CollarQuest official forums shall:

  1. Haze, harass, intimidate, bully, cyberbully or menace another, or engage in behavior deemed by the community to endanger the safety or well being of directors, staff, self, or others;

  2. Initiate or circulate information one knows to be false concerning alleged tactics used by trolls that the community deems to divide members from the community's goodwill.

2) When membership becomes aware of such bad actors, they, at the sole discretion, may utilize any of the following:

  1. Point out the actions that violate the Community Conduct on CollarQuest Forums and that the continued behavior(s) may lead to being muted or banned.

  2. The first muting of the individual(s) shall be a minimum of 24 hours. This time allows the membership to review the circumstances and determine the appropriate consequences.

  3. A second muting will occur if an individual(s) continues or repeats the same or similar behavior. The second muting will stay in effect pending the outcome of a review or DAO vote to accept or reject the a poll from membership recommendation to ban the individual(s). If the DAO were to ban the individual(s), a log entry would be generated to inform the CollarQuest community of the ban with the reasoning behind the action if membership feels a public DAO would serve the community, a DAO vote with the reason of the username being prohibited from the CollarQuest Community.

  4. We may maintain a public posting of the username(s), screenshots. and a summary of the incident. The individual(s) may seek an appeal of the determination. Transparency and access are some of our core values. If the individual(s) seeks to be reinstated after 30 days, we may reconsider removing the ban provided the individual(s) submit the request from such individual(s) shall include how they have changed and why the DAO should reinstate access to the excluded individual(s) username(s).

The banned individual(s) username, along with the supporting documentation, may remain publicly available till such time that the CollarQuest community votes via the DAO to reinstate or remove the entry from the public record.

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