COLLAR Governance 101

Get Started With Governance

Dog Collar DAO is a decentralized governance community that enables the Dog Collar Community to self-govern. The Dog Collar Community HODL has the sole authority to enact changes.
Dog Collar (COLLAR) DAO governance describes the way rules, norms, and actions are structured, sustained, regulated, and upheld.
Our founding beliefs include:
  • Connecting people who believe that decisions are made through a fair and open dialog process. Where we hold COLLAR DAO Proposals votes and support the outcome of the community DAO voting process, even if it is not the outcome the person would have wanted it to be.
  • We, the COLLAR DAO of Self-Governance, challenge ourselves to promote, advance, and advocate the vision of Self-Governance with dignity, integrity, and respect for the #collarcrew members we serve.
Read our guide on How to Participate.
Learn more about How Voting Works
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