CollarQuest Tokenomics

CollarQuest Tokenomics

When reading about the CollarQuest Tokenomics, think in the framework of when people want to play CollarQuest, they need to buy 3 SPARC-E to play CollarQuest. When players purchase SPARC-Es via the CollarQuest Marketplace, the payment will be routed using the CollarQuest Tokenomics shown in Figure M.

All native tokens used for purchasing/upgrading/breeding SPARC-Es, including CollarQuest land, building, or mini-games, shall follow this same CollarQuest Tokenomics.

CollarQuest Ecosystem Fund

All tokens


The CollarQuest ecosystem fund will be managed by TAG DAO LLC Ceremonial CEO Morpheus or his delegate. TAG DAO LLC shall as its core purpose is to grow the CollarCrew community. TAG DAO LLC will prepare yearly statements that include a high-level overview of how the funds have been used.

The principles for the fund are as follows:

  • Clear value added to the broader CollarCrew community

  • KPIs and goals that unlock funds (if applicable)

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