TAG DAO LLC is a Wyoming USA Limited Liability Company Sub Type Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) file # 2021-001042843 TAG DAO LLC will also be referenced as DAO or CollarCrew DAO.

DeFi inspired the foundation of the CollarCrew DAO not to have a single person or institution that has more control. Our focus and attention to detail empower the CollarCrew to have meaningful oversight of the DAO governance.

We invite and encourage the current and future CollarCrew to join the COLLAR DAO at: https://governance.collartoken.com/#/ and connect with other members via our official Discord server https://discord.gg/collarcrew.

TAG DAO LLC was created to aid in working with and filing when required by law in the United States. TAG DAO LLC does own any code or controls stop the smart contracts that are fully Decentralized.

What Is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)?

One of the major features of digital currencies is that they are decentralized. This means they are not controlled by a single institution like a government or central bank, but instead are divided among a variety of computers, networks, and nodes. In many cases, virtual currencies make use of this decentralized status to attain levels of privacy and security that are typically unavailable to standard currencies and their transactions.

Messenger of the DAO

Collar DAO has appointed Morpheus to represent the DAO in echoing the will of the DAO covered within the DAO Community Papers in public. Still, no one person nor company can stop the DAO of the people as we are genuinely Decentralized.

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