Staking and Staking Rewards
CollarQuest a Metaverse Play2Earn Ecosystem


Staking is a way for us to reward our community members for having a long-term mindset and locking up their TAG tokens. By staking your TAG you’ll be able to earn TAG rewards when you lock up your tokens through the staking dashboard. In the future, staking TAG will give you voting rights.
Dog Collar (COLLAR), Dog Tag (TAG) Tokens will be listed on the Goji Crypto platform. This gives our token the capability to leverage the "as a service" functionalities that GOJ offers; Goji Lock, Goji Farming, Goji Staking, Goji Dao and GojiSwap. These services are distributed by a decentralized application that interfaces a smart contract within the Ethereum and Polygon networks, other chains are slated in 2022. These centralized applications provides TAG DAO LLC the benefit of scaling rapidly and are accessible across the globe with security in mind. The GOJ platform of services allows TAG DAO LLC to implement the new Governance Token called Dog Tag (TAG). TAG will become the COLLAR DAO token used to govern TAG DAO LLC

Dog Tag (TAG) Reward and Governance Token to COLLAR

Dog Tag (TAG) is key to our long-term future of TAG DAO LLC. TAG offers a method of ongoing funding to our TAG DAO LLC organization by providing the funding needed to operate our growing operations, direction will be provided via our DAO voting. Figure A1 visualizes the ONE TIME distributions of the governance token called TAG. TAG will become the TAG DAO LLC oversight governance token via our DAO. TAG will not go into effect as the governance token of TAG DAO LLC until sixty (60) days post Liquidly Event (LE) deployment on the GOJ platform as a Service. Figure A1 shows the minting allocation, treasury, reserves, and incentives to achieve our lofty goals in bringing TAG DAO LLC to the forefront as the Gold Standard in self-governance.
The TAG fundamentals design goals are to provide a market competitive incentive for STAKING and FARMING of COLLAR and TAG to receive fees and the reward token Dog Tag (TAG). Dog Tag (TAG) has been minted and can be seen here. The 375 Million TAG Tokens will start as a reward (Play to Earn and STAKING/FARMING) token at the time COLLAR and TAG LP are deployed on the GOJ platform.
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