Multi-signature Vacancies
CollarQuest a Metaverse Play2Earn Ecosystem
Multi-signature vacancies will be filled by a DAO vote. The Multi-signature candidate must be a current CollarQuest HODL who will serve until the next regular DAO vote, at which time a replacement will be selected.
Multi-signature elections are held every year which for the purposes of this policy are termed “Multi-signature Delegate” years. The Multi-signature:
1) Will serve until December 31 following the next “election,” at which time the individual selected to sign as a Multi-signature in that year will fill the remaining portion of an unexpired term or serve a full two-year term; or
2) Will serve until December 31 of a subsequent year if the vacancy occurs after the filing date in a DAO voting year.
A Multi-signature member so selected by the DAO will serve the remaining years of the term of office of the Multi-signature member being replaced
Upon selection by the DAO, the newly selected Multi-signature member(s) may be seated immediately or at a date set by the current Board.
In the event of multiple vacancies, the position of the Multi-signature member who resigned first will be filled first.
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